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Melissa Gilbert Shocking Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert Shocking Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Ellen Gilbert famously known as Melissa Gilbert was born on 8 May, 1964 in Los Angeles, America. She was adopted by actor Paul Gilbert. She is a popular actress and television director. In 1960s, she began her career in various commercials and small roles on television. She appeared in numerous television shows including The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker. She worked in several television shows. She has given her voice in Batman: The Animated Series and was a part of Dancing with the Stars season 14 in 2012. From 2001 to 2005, she worked as a President of “Screen Actors Guild”. Her autobiography named Prairie Tale was released in 2009 and she penned down her first story for children named Daisy and Josephine. Melissa won the Democratic primary and later dropped out due to health issues.

She had a habit of alcoholism and drug abuse, which she had explained in her autobiography. She underwent disc surgery in her lower spine. It was a sucessful one. She won several awards for her work in different movies including Young artist award, golden boot awards and TV land awards.

Possible Surgeries

While she was trying her hand at almost all the creative fields like acting, dancing and writing, her audience was busy judging her and her rumoured plastic surgeries.

Melissa Gilbert Shocking Plastic Surgery

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1.Nose Job

There are two things common about the noses of celebs, one that they all are well chiselled. Two, they are not natural. Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure and you need to be very precise while undergoing it, a wrong step here can make you cry for your entire career. Melissa Gilbert, is one of those celebrities who might have undergone it, several years back. Her latest photos show a similar structure but as far as comparison with the pictures of what she started with and where she is now is concerned, you won’t fail to spot the difference in the shape of her nose.   A nose cant get this flat so naturally.

2. Botox Injections Rumors

This not just a mere speculation but almost a fact as its backed with the expert view of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Paul Nassif. Botox injections are not in demand of celebrities but common masses cant do without it either.

At an age of 50, Melissa’s face looks as charming as that of a 30 year old. Her face leaves clear clue of having  botox injections as her face is without any wrinkles and her smile looks pretty unnatural.   

3. Breast Augmentation


Melissa was seen even confessing that she went under a beast augmentation to ETonline simply because her former husband didnt like her bust and said  that they look like “socks full of marbles with knots at the top”.

And then breastfeeding took the toll and she again opted for a boob job that basically replanted her boob using silicone implants and and an upliftment too.