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Yoga Fitness: Secret to Celebs Health

Yoga Fitness: Secret to Celebs Health

With its basal roots in India, Yoga has now been accepted as a worldwide fitness regime over other bombarding heavy weight exercises and body training sessions. Body exercises in natural surroundings not only enhances body growth and regulation but also provides mental piece and that Yoga is now the most self trained exercise which provides great results just like any other cardio exercise. This disciplines aims at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility that is achieved through paths of actions and knowledge and devotion. Yoga has several added benefits in our lives and that it can be incorporated as a fitness regime with accurate knowledge and belief.  Here are a few Yoga styles that are practiced worldwide to enhance proper regulation of body activities.


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Aerobics clubbed up with yoga can help enhance your body elasticity and flexibility. Yoga aims at working on each and every part of the body and that it emphasizes more on your inner self, thereby also providing mental piece instead of extreme sweat by its exercises. Legerity and strengthening is what you can gain in a few good sessions of yoga that will render a much flexible body to you that anything else would ever do. Did you know yoga is a part of  Miley Cyrus Workout Routine.


going to the spiritual side as we all know Yoga is practiced by great spiritual leaders and personalities as well and that it aims at enlightening that spiritual corner.  Chanting visualizes connection of the mind, body and soul and provides a deep impact with the repetition of the soulful mantras with humming of the vibrational sounds. This exercise of chanting is also being adapted in various educational institutes to enhance concentration level in students and other peers.


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  body healing is extremely important these days. Scenarios where obesity has topped the range, where daily accidental losses are seen requires healing of body. Regaining body strength and flexibility is what is the ultimate aim and that yoga can deeply nourish your body and soul with its aesthetics. People’s perspective of catching along any yoga exercises anytime is surely a myth and that it is extremely important to be well versed with what it, especially when it is about healing your body.

Weight loss

now this is something very common that people have adapted to. Several of the yoga exercises aim at weight loss and body fitness. The correct knowledge of the design of the exercise and its repetition can render extremely good results in almost no time. All you need  is a bit of patience and to follow the exercises correctly and regularly.Pregnancy Before and After: many women face issues of gaining lot of weight after delivering baby and that it has become a stigma to be not able to lose that weight and get those stretch marks over the body. Well several of the pre natal and post natal exercises aims at bringing back your body to the original shape. Several of the exercises has been introduced lately related to the same.

Jocelyn Wildenstein AKA Cat Woman Before And After Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein AKA Cat Woman Before And After Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein who is very well known for her eccentric features that make her look exactly like a big cat. Thus she is also known as Cat woman. She is a New York City based social butterfly. Her life was always under the camera, sometimes because of her “on the rocks relationship with millionaire hubby or sometimes because of her bizzare sugeries which she loves apparently.Her extraordinary habits have always been talked of, she sometimes paid a whooping amount of $60,000 just as her telephone bill. Her relationship profile clearly states that she started dating hotshots from a very young age before she settled on her controversial journey of essaying a role of  Mr.Alec Wildenstein’s wife.  Alec Wildenstein had weird interests and one of them being “an adherent lover of big cats”, Cat woman took it to her heart and stooped to surgeries to look like one. 

However her all attempts to woe his billionaire Hubby went to vein, he was found guilty of infidelity and cheating. She took a divorce but she got addicted to cosmetic surgeries, what’s really interesting in the divorce settlement was that the judge explicitly stated that “she is prohibited from using even a single penny  of the alimony for further cosmetic surgeries”. Her fame is a product of her controversial divorce plus her surgeries which she never fails to flaunt. Her face has surpassed all the marks of being unnatural, almost all her features are artificially treated. According to facts, she almost splurged $4 million to get that catty look.

Catwoman Before and After Plastic Surgery


Although these results might not as worthy as a penny to an ordinary man but aristocrats can do anything to look the way they want. She says she has achieved utmost satisfaction and its worth every dollar spent. A lot of socialite who walk on the paths carved by themselves can look down at Cat woman as a source of inspiration, a woman who holds down to her choices and makes decisions as per her wits and fancy.Many people believe that cat’s surgery is a lot similar to Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Pictures 

A lot of criticism came her way but she always admired the services of her surgeons, simply because they helped her owning what she wanted.She is a lively example of “having it your own way”. Her ideology was quite clear, she could turn as wild as a beast to woe his husband but she can leave this husband too if found cheating. Her surgeries invited all sort of criticism, some just loathed the idea of playing with your natural looks to such an extent.


Even cat woman herself would fail while listing out the surgeries she underwent. You name it, she had it. All her features on the face are worked on, she definitely had a lip job to get such a superior sort of pout, her nose is extremely tampered while her eyebrows are elevated as much as they could. Her chin job is also apparent. These many surgeries are of course there when you reportedly spent 4 million dollars to turn in to a wild cat. But can you believe how many millions were spend on Gisele, take a look at  Gisele Bundchen After Plastic Surgery Photo

Anahi Gives Birth To A Baby Boy…

Anahi Gives Birth To A Baby Boy…

Anahi recently announced that she was pregnant with Manuel Velasco Coello‘s child and that it was their first child. On Sunday she revealed the sex of her child quoting “I am having a baby boy named Manuel, just like his father,” revealing the sex and the name of their first child together.

She took to Instagram to exprees the feeling captioning the picture with “‘Manuel’ with a blue heart. How Sweet!”

She also shared a message with the welcome of the first child expressing “I want to give thanks to God for this great blessing! I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the well wishes and love.”


Initially when she was actually pregnant with her boy, she used to put up certain gym selfies which actually distorted the thought of her being pregnant. Apparently, she didn’t want to reveal the fact that she was pregnant and that she wanted to keep it to the family.

But after the release of the magazine Caras, you can see her in a green dress, donning the baby bump and she eventually posted it captioning “#GodIsSoGood with a lot of happiness we share with all of you this wonderful news. My gift from God.”

So it seems like the family has been blessed with the most beautiful and elegant gift and that the presence if a child brings more closeness in relationships. Well, here’s to wish the family all the best and may they travel the most wonderful journey with joy and happiness. Take a look at the Lady Gaga diet Plan she is planning to follow now

Porsha Williams disgorges the in sight of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Porsha Williams disgorges the in sight of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Recently Porsha William if the Real Housewives of Atlanta shared some secret innings from the new season. According to her, fans will get to see more of her life that is her love life and falling again for her first live. She in an interview in The Real quoted “This season on Housewives, you will really get to know me. Um, I’ve been kind of evolving. And I think this season I’m more comfortable in my skin than ever before.” To which she further added “I’m taking counseling, which is something I’m a really big fan of, therapy. Being able to have another outlet is really good. Getting back closer to family as well and saying, ‘yes’ to things more. You know? Sometimes life can wear you down. The power of yes! You know, you start to say ‘no’ because you think you’re protecting yourself, but really, you’re stopping some of the blessings that could happen. So for me, this season, you know, I start dating again.”


With so much of revelation she further added that the last name of her swain is Stewart and he is not her ex- husband, to which she added “But it’s interesting, you get to kind of see that relationship and kind of where we are. We’re not exactly in a relationship right now, but it’s growing into something.”


Well, after so much of revelations and talk about the new season we are ready and waiting for it to slash the screens.

Melissa Gilbert Shocking Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert Shocking Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Ellen Gilbert famously known as Melissa Gilbert was born on 8 May, 1964 in Los Angeles, America. She was adopted by actor Paul Gilbert. She is a popular actress and television director. In 1960s, she began her career in various commercials and small roles on television. She appeared in numerous television shows including The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker. She worked in several television shows. She has given her voice in Batman: The Animated Series and was a part of Dancing with the Stars season 14 in 2012. From 2001 to 2005, she worked as a President of “Screen Actors Guild”. Her autobiography named Prairie Tale was released in 2009 and she penned down her first story for children named Daisy and Josephine. Melissa won the Democratic primary and later dropped out due to health issues.

She had a habit of alcoholism and drug abuse, which she had explained in her autobiography. She underwent disc surgery in her lower spine. It was a sucessful one. She won several awards for her work in different movies including Young artist award, golden boot awards and TV land awards.

Possible Surgeries

While she was trying her hand at almost all the creative fields like acting, dancing and writing, her audience was busy judging her and her rumoured plastic surgeries.

Melissa Gilbert Shocking Plastic Surgery

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1.Nose Job

There are two things common about the noses of celebs, one that they all are well chiselled. Two, they are not natural. Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure and you need to be very precise while undergoing it, a wrong step here can make you cry for your entire career. Melissa Gilbert, is one of those celebrities who might have undergone it, several years back. Her latest photos show a similar structure but as far as comparison with the pictures of what she started with and where she is now is concerned, you won’t fail to spot the difference in the shape of her nose.   A nose cant get this flat so naturally.

2. Botox Injections Rumors

This not just a mere speculation but almost a fact as its backed with the expert view of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Paul Nassif. Botox injections are not in demand of celebrities but common masses cant do without it either.

At an age of 50, Melissa’s face looks as charming as that of a 30 year old. Her face leaves clear clue of having  botox injections as her face is without any wrinkles and her smile looks pretty unnatural.   

3. Breast Augmentation


Melissa was seen even confessing that she went under a beast augmentation to ETonline simply because her former husband didnt like her bust and said  that they look like “socks full of marbles with knots at the top”.

And then breastfeeding took the toll and she again opted for a boob job that basically replanted her boob using silicone implants and and an upliftment too.