Anahi Gives Birth To A Baby Boy…

Anahi Gives Birth To A Baby Boy…

Anahi recently announced that she was pregnant with Manuel Velasco Coello‘s child and that it was their first child. On Sunday she revealed the sex of her child quoting “I am having a baby boy named Manuel, just like his father,” revealing the sex and the name of their first child together.

She took to Instagram to exprees the feeling captioning the picture with “‘Manuel’ with a blue heart. How Sweet!”

She also shared a message with the welcome of the first child expressing “I want to give thanks to God for this great blessing! I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the well wishes and love.”


Initially when she was actually pregnant with her boy, she used to put up certain gym selfies which actually distorted the thought of her being pregnant. Apparently, she didn’t want to reveal the fact that she was pregnant and that she wanted to keep it to the family.

But after the release of the magazine Caras, you can see her in a green dress, donning the baby bump and she eventually posted it captioning “#GodIsSoGood with a lot of happiness we share with all of you this wonderful news. My gift from God.”

So it seems like the family has been blessed with the most beautiful and elegant gift and that the presence if a child brings more closeness in relationships. Well, here’s to wish the family all the best and may they travel the most wonderful journey with joy and happiness. Take a look at the Lady Gaga diet Plan she is planning to follow now

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